How to make your own Face Serum!

The Vicious Skin Cycle

As I promised- and as many of you have inquired about- I want to share the homemade serum that I use daily. This mix has truly transformed my skin! (If you missed my post about my personal skin transformation then check it out HERE.)

My homemade serum is made up of 100% oils.

Each one I chose based off of my specific skin needs. It took some time researching, but I eventually found a combination of powerful oils that transformed my face.

This serum can absolutely work for the majority of people. But if you think you need to adjust yours for any reason, check back soon for a series of posts on the best carrier oils and essential oils to use for various skin types.


At the time I began my oily journey my skin was constantly breaking out with painful swollen lesions. My natural oil production was very irregular. I often had excess oil after a couple hours of putting on makeup and at the same time my skin was also extremely dry. It was so dry that it would crack and peel and become extremely uncomfortable if I waited to use moisturizer for longer than 30 seconds.

What I eventually realized was that the harsh products I was using on my skin to “clear” the blemishes was actually drying my skin out.

My struggling face had begun requesting help with hydration and my body responded by sending signals to create more oil. But when I began having an excess amount of oil I increased the product to control it, and thus continued the vicious cycle of unhappy skin.

The moment I decided I was done for good with the harsh skin care regimen was when I fully understood the crazy cycle my skin was on and what would fix it. By cleaning, treating, and minimally moisturizing with oils my skin would no longer desire additional oil; giving it its first chance to regulate production, heal and maintain a healthy complexion.

I will be honest. I didn’t know for sure it would work. I was skeptical and more emotional about switching then I would like to admit. But I knew I had to try. I had learned too much about the harmful ingredients in my skin care to ignore it now.

My Oil Skin Care Regimen!


DIY Dewy Face Serum

  1. Using a glass dropper and placing into a 0.5oz glass bottle add in the following ratios of oil:
    • 40% Jojoba oil
    • 40% Argan oil
    • 20% Tamanu oil
    • 3 drops Vitamin E oil
    • 3-4 drops Lavender EO
    • 3-4 drops Frankincense EO
    • 1-2 drops Tea Tree EO
  2. Roll in your palm a couple times and you are done!

I use my homemade serum after I have cleaned my face and applied a toner. Typically I use about six drops of the serum across my face and just rub it in with my hands. In the mornings I also like to use an extra moisturizer to help keep my face fresh throughout the day.

4 Important Notes

If you have found yourself here and wanting to check out what all this oily goodness is about, here are a couple things worth knowing:

  1. If you want to get a lot of information in one place about alternative beauty routines and you don’t mind paying for it, I found this e-book helpful. A lot of this information can be found throughout the internet for free too.
  2. Primal Life Organics is a wonderful resource for freshly made skin care. It can be pricey but some prefer to let someone else make their skin care concoctions rather then DIY everything.
  3. If you have used processed skin care for a long time and switch head first into cleansing with oil, you may experience a detox phase. This could include some breakouts or changes in oil production for up to a few weeks.
  4. Every face is unique in its needs. There are many carrier oils to choose from- and using combinations of oils can be extremely rewarding too. As a start though, I would suggest not using a lot of olive oil or coconut oil. For somewhat unclear reasons, these two oils seem to have a higher potential of causing breakouts in some individuals (that being said I use both in my cleanser and have had great results).

Now that I have experienced the powerful properties of oil, I could never go back. I am so grateful for where I am today and who knows! Maybe this journey will help someone else find the answers they have been searching for too.

Happy oiling friends ❤

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