My Skin Transformation with Essential Oils

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I spent thousands of dollars on “experts” and they all warned me not to try it.

But as soon as I did, everything began to change…

I have struggled with “trouble” skin for my entire 20’s. In fact, I am one of those ‘lucky’ people who had worse skin in college than high school. Sometimes it went through a clearer season and it wasn’t so obvious to people, and other times….. Well, I would have strangers comment on my face.

The type of lesions I had were the painful kind. A slight brush against my face sent shooting pain across my head. It was hard to cover up and everything left bright red scars. Eventually, even if I was fairly “clear” I was still embarrassed to be seen without make-up because my face was covered in bright marks. I was desperate and I tried everything.

Eventually in 2012, I found a skin expert who said she could help. She cost about an arm and a leg and required many hours a week of dedication to a strict skin care regimen. It was a lot of driving, painful facials and a lot of product used. But my skin began to slowly get clear and finally I felt hope. After a few months my skin was looking very clear but I began to notice that my eyebrows were thinning and becoming bleached from the tough products. My hair line was changing and I could no longer go without moisturizer for longer than five seconds because my face felt like a desert floor.

I liked the way my skin looked but hated how it felt.

At that time I was learning a lot about the food I put into my body and the crazy chemicals that are added into our processed foods. I became convinced that a paleo inspired diet was best for everyone. But then I also began to come across information that the products we put onto our body could matter too.

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? It absorbs the products we put on and transfers them straight into our bloodstream. I read sources that stated it was possible that as high as 80% of the product we put onto our skin could be distributed throughout our body!

I had never heard these claims before and it was hard to believe that the FDA would actually allow potentially dangerous ingredients in the products that we use daily. Check out this quote from

The law doesn’t require cosmetics to have FDA approval before they go on the market. But FDA can take action against a cosmetic on the market if we have reliable information showing that it is unsafe when consumers use it according to directions on the label….”

I see… So we’re all basically just science experiments…

I didn’t know what to think. So I did the only thing I knew to do. I looked up what I was using.

Every. Single. Ingredient. All one billion of them.

You know what I found?

– Developmental toxicity – Reproductive toxicity – Endocrine disruption – Immunotoxicity

– Cellular level changes – Organ system toxicity –Carcinogen – Skin irritant – Enhanced skin absorption

And the list goes on and on and on… I was shocked! And really concerned.

I really felt stuck! I had tried for years to find something to clear my skin and finally found it! Only to discover the scary truth of what I was lathering on myself. It took me a long couple months to finally switch. But sitting here today, I am so glad that I did.

I highly suggest researching what is in your home. This is a good source or you can download the free and helpful app “Think Dirty” on your smart phone.

Do a quick search on Formaldehyde- this is in many body washes and toothpaste- it is actually banned in many countries, except the U.S.

I ditched the soap, now what?

If I no longer use processed skin care, what do I use instead?

My answer…. OIL.

Powerful life changing essential oils and wonderful base oils.

I remove my make up with oil. I wash my face with oil. I use my amazing homemade serum filled with oil. And I moisturize with oil.

It has been the best thing for me. My face no longer feels as dry as a desert. My natural oil production is even and normal. My breakouts are few and far between- and if one creeps up then it heals within a day or two with no fuss. My hair and eyebrows have actually grown back and gone back to my normal hair color.

It is astonishing to see the difference in my skin.

I took a photo journal of my transformation, so I would know if things were improving or getting worse for me. The “before” photo was my first day I began cleaning with my new oil regimen. The second photo was six months later when my skin felt completely rejuvenated- I still had some hyperpigmentation, but those have continued to fade.

It has now been almost two years from when I started this oily journey and I am never going back! I had no idea that cleaning my face with oils would be the answer I had long searched for.

Check this post HERE on how to make my homemade dewy face serum. Trust me when I say you will want to try it out, it truly changed everything for me!

Before & After – 6 Months of using Oil


3 thoughts on “My Skin Transformation with Essential Oils

  1. My story is so similar to yours! Except I had SEVERE breakouts on my back, chest, shoulders, and neck. I was SO embarrassed to wear tank tops or swimsuits, and nothing I was prescribed from my dermatologist worked (and I seriously tried EVERYTHING). It wasn’t until I switched to raw honey and essential oils that I saw improvement. Sometimes it is as simple as getting back to basics and letting nature heal you. Congrats!

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    1. That is so wonderful! I am so glad there are more of us telling our story. When I was first starting to approach oils it took me a long time to find the right support and information. So let’s share the oily love as much as we can.

      Liked by 1 person

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